6-Step Fertilization Plan

Step 1- Early Spring Pre-Emergent & Fertilization will enrich the soil, promote spring green-up and recovery from the winter season. Preventative crabgrass control is also included in this application.

Step 2- Spring Pre-Emergent, Fertilization & Weed Control applying a balanced, slow-release fertilizer blend to help promote root growth, color, vigor, and overall good health. 

Step 3 – Grub Control, Fertilization & Weed Control. This is our summer guard treatment, which includes higher levels of potassium to help prepare your lawn for the summer months. Grub Preventative applied with this or the next application, depending on timing and weather conditions. 

Step 4 – Summer Fertilization & Weed Control Includes our summer root protection, designed to help your lawn cope with the summer conditions as well as help aid in recovery, once the conditions are favorable. 

Step 5 – Fall Fertilization & Weed Control Includes our Fall fertilizer with iron and micronutrients to help recover any damage that may have occurred over the summer and to keep the lawn healthy going into fall. 

Step 6 – Late Fall Fertilization (Winterizer) This granular fertilizer application is one of the most beneficial applications of the year. It will winterize your lawn by helping with root development as your lawn goes into dormancy. It also aids in promoting an emerging healthy, green lawn the following spring.